GEPARD is the wholesale part of the yarn shops "Uldstederne"  (The Wool Places). Gepard is an agent for Laine du Nord, Kinki Amibari (Japanese knitting needles), Opal, and we have our own brand Gepard Yarn.

We offer designs and quality yarn for shops in Denmark, Scandinavia and (...). Our own yarn brand comes with a wide selection of natural materials such as wool, cotton, mohair, linen, silk etc.

Gepard collaborates with several smaller family spinning mills. like Laine du Nord used to be one of the top brands of Italian fashion yarn - and Gepard has continued their product line. Check our product pages about each yarn here at the webshop.

As a direct result of our great deals with our collaborators, we are able to offer your shop quality yarns at favourable prices.

In addition to yarn, Gepard also sells quality bamboo knitting needles from Kinki Amibari in Japan, as well as high quality wooden needles, broches, buttons and much more.
For over 20 years, we have supplied the quality wooden needles from Susanne's.

You are always welcome to call us at + 45 88 45 49  (mondag - thursdag 10 AM - 2 PM), or send us an email at office@gepardgarn.dk.  Our office is closed for the two middle weeks of July and between Christmas and New Years.

At the office, you will reach Sus, Dothe or Birgit.

We have fast shipping service from Denmark.  Order processing is only 3 days for items in stock, and we're more than happy to bring in special orders for shops and designers alike. 

Kind regards

Sus Gebhard

Gepard Garn - Gl. Jernbanevej 7 - 2800 Lyngby - CVR 12533934

Hvis du er en butik og vil vide mere om vores sortiment, kan du bestille en prøvekasse, som består af vores kvalitetskort og prislister samt et udvalg af garn, brocher og pinde. Prøvekassen kan beholdes i 14 dage til gennemsyn, hvorefter den skal returneres til os.
Prøvekassen kan bestilles på telefon 45 88 45 49 mandag-torsdag ml. kl. 10 og 14.
Og du er naturligvis altid velkommen til at ringe til os og få en snak om netop din butiks behov og ønsker - eller aftale en tid med vores sælger om besøg i DIN butik eller en præsentation i vores show-room!