Opal Sock yarn Schafpate XI - die Weisheit der Schafe - 4-ply

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Opal Schafpate XI - die Weisheit der Schafe sock yarn  is a 4-ply sock yarn inspired by the wisdom of the German sheep.
By buying this collection, you support the German sheep and assist in taking care of the unique, Swiss Alps. 

It is only produced one time, after that the collection is no longer for sale.

8 colours.

1 collection = 10 skeins of each colour - Discount if you order one collection.

½ collection = 5 skeins of each colour. 


75% wool, 25% polyamide

100 g = 425 m (1 skein = 1 pair of socks up to size 44-45 EU). Needles 2.5 - 3 mm