Opal Sock yarn X-Large Winterzauber, 8 thread

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Materials: 75% pure new wool, 25% polyamide.
Yardage: 150 g, 8 thread = 315 m,   1 wholesale package = 8 x 150 g = 1.2 kg
Needles: 4-4½ mm for socks, 5-5½ mm for shirts
1 skein is enough for 2 pairs of children's socks 1½ pair of women's socks and 1 par of large men's rag socks.

 This collection is only dyed once and never again.


Pinde: 4-4½mm til sokker, 5-5½mm for bluser eller hyggesokker
1 ngl er nok til 2 par børnesokker, 3 damesokker(1½par) eller 1 par store hr. rag-sokker.

Materiale: 75% ren ny Uld, 25% polyamid.
Løbelængde: 150g 8tr = 315m, 1 pk=8x150g/1.2kg