Seeknit needles

Seeknit needles

Gepard Garn is the sole importer and distributor for the Nordic Countries.

Seeknit is the oldest producer of bamboo knitting needles in Japan.
The factory is situated in the old Nara province, which ever since the 14th century has been the place, where the very best bamboo grew and were processed - today i. a. into knitting needles.

It is an old, family owned factory (3rd, soon 4th generation) with proud traditions and a genuine respect for good quality and craftmanship - and even at competitive prices.

The knitting needles are produced from carefully selected, durable Japanese bamboo from special plantations in the old Nara province. That means, that you get quality knitting needles that will last through many years of knitting.

Here you will find a great selection of knitting needles and accessories - all made in bamboo.