Gepard Garn was established by Sus Gebhard in 1989. We’re a Danish brand and as such influenced by the Scandinavian style and design tradition.

Sus Gebhard has created an entire universe of knitting where you’ll be able to find not only high quality yarns, but also knitting needles made from natural materials, and pattern collections full of inspiration.

The story of Gepard is the story of an artisan and her vision, creativity, and passion for the best yarns to create finished products that are beautiful as well as durable.
Yarn is never just yarn, never just the soft thread – history, culture and technique is, and has always been, essential to the development of new yarns.

Every fibre has its own personality, and mixing them together in a harmonious balance is a unique and exciting challenge that always has to result in a yarn that is a joy both to knit and to wear.

In the entire production process we have a focus on high quality products, and a consideration for both people and the environment.
Gepard collaborates with small, family-owned, Italian yarn mills with tradition and extensive knowledge of spinning and dying – the sort of knowledge that makes them among the premier in Italy both for trend product and classic yarns.

Our own Gepard yarns are available in a wide selection of wool, cotton, mohair, linen silk and more. Gepard also publishes pattern books where you’ll be able to find inspiration and knitting how-to’s.

Gepard is furthermore an agent for the Italian family business Laines du Nord, the German sock yarn specialist Opal, and for the Japanese bamboo needles from Seeknit.

Gepard Garn’s mission is to keep on providing high quality yarns, and inspiring patterns that bring joy to all the creative crafters who love to knit – just like we do.


Best regards,
Sus Gepard

Gepard Garn - Denmark - Email - CVR 12533934