Rosenborg Baby Blanket D

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( 45,00 DKK  Incl. VAT )

A beautiful and classic baby blanket featuring the Italian lace pattern with double seed stitch edges.

162 (204) sts and continue working 7 selvedge

sts at each side in double seed stitch.

Language: English and Danish

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62 x 80 (80 x 110) cm

4 (7) x 50 g My Fine Wool, Wild & Soft or Cotton Wool 3 organic
Yarn alternatives: AllDay or Cotton Baby. These yarns have a shorter yardage, and you will need 1-2 balls extra for the small blanket and 2-3 extra for the large blanket.

Circular needles 3 mm, 80 cm, Japanese bamboo from Seeknit and Gepard.

27 m in stockinette = 10 cm. This means that the width of one pattern repeat will equal approximately 5 cm.