Gepard Linen Lines

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Gepard Linen Lines is a light summer sweater with puff sleeves knitted in the delicious Oeko-tex summer yarn: Gepard Cottonbaby Lino.
The model is designed in stripes, but works as well in a solid color version.
The sweater is knitted from the bottom, down-top-down in one piece from the back piece over the back and down. I have designed the model with edges that are easy to mount and the sweater is sewn together at the sides. I have made two color versions in stripes, but our color scale is made so that all colors are easy to put together.
If you want a warmer version, the sweater can be made in Gepard All Day.

Language: Danish and English


Colour options in CottonBaby Lino: 

Aqua: (As seen on the front picture on the pattern)

A = 710 Whisper Blue

B = 818 Green

C = 410 Powder

D = 728 Aqua Grey

E = 110 Corn

F = 814 Beige

G = 516 Mouse


Orange-green: (CottonBaby Lino) 

A = 124 Brass

B = 882 Army Green

C = 434 Candy

D = 128 Bronze

E = 238 Rust

F= 536 Dark Grey

G = 516 Mouse


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S (M) L [XL]

Bust: 104 (116) 124 [136] cm
Lenght: 54 (54) 56 [57] cm
Sleeve length: 43 (43) 43 [43] cm

Yardage: (all sizes) 

Color A: 2

Color B: 2

Color C: 1

Color D: 1

Color E: 1

Color F: 1

Color G: 1



Jumper- or circular needle nr. 2,5 mm, 3 mm and 3,5 mm and one circular needle nr. 3 (40 cm) for neck all in Koshitsu bambus from Seeknit and Gepard.

24 sts and 34 rows in stockinette stitch with 3,5 mm needles = 10 x 10 cm.

Cotton Baby Lino 50g = 178 m

80% Cotton 20% Linen, OECOtex standart

Yarn alternatives: Gepard All Day for a warmer version