Gepard Waterlily Ballet

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Waterlily Ballet draws its inspiration from the movements of ballet and Yoga, where grace and movements melts together. Ballet as well as yoga are classic art forms that mirror themselves in my design which is trendy in its own unique way.

This sweater is quite short with an extra large width and ¾ sleeves with a discreet puff effect which makes it gracious and comfortable at the same time, just as ballet and yoga clothes. Waterlily Ballet can be worn on top of a wide dress as well as over a tight-fitting jumpsuit.


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Bust (circumference): 141 (141) 154 cm / 55½ (55½) 60½ inches.

Full length (measured center back): 41 (45) 45 cm / 16 (18) 18 inches.



Wild & Soft (40% wild tussah silk cruelty free/60% merino wool mulesing free, 50g/240m):

Color A: 5 (6) 6 balls.

Color B: 1 (1) 1 ball.

Kid Seta or Kid Seta Tweed (70% kid mohair/30% shappe silk, 25g/210m):

Color C: 1 (1) 1 ball. Worked with two strands of Kid Seta.


The design is shown in a grey-green version with Wild & Soft col 520 (A) and col 866 (B) and lilies worked with two strands of Kid Seta Tweed col 805 (C). 


Circular needles

2.5 mm / US 1½: 40 cm / 16" for neckband.

3 mm / US 2½: 60 cm / 23" for neckband, 80 cm / 32" for body ribbing and 23 cm / 9" or double pointed needles for sleeves.

3.5 mm / US 4: 30 cm / 12" for sleeves and 60 + 80 cm / 23 + 32" for body. 


3-3.5 mm / US D-3 or E-4 crochet hook (for working long stitches in Waterlily pattern).
4 stitch markers. 1 strand of waste yarn (for placing stitches on hold when trying out the length of your project).



Stockinette stitch, seeded rib stitch and waterlily pattern with Wild & Soft and 3.5 mm / US 4 needles: 24 sts and 36 rows = 10 cm / 4".

Seeded rib stitch with 3 mm / US 2.5 needles: 25 sts and 44 rows in = 10 cm / 4".

For seeded rib stitch with 2.5 mm / US 1.5 needles you will need a firmer tension ie. more stitches for every 10 cm / 4".

I highly recommend you to make a small swatch, this is to test your gauge at the same time practicing the Waterlily pattern, which is easy when you have practiced making the long stitches at the right length.

The gauge must be kept to ensure that your knit will have the right measures and proportions. If necessary adjust the needle size to a smaller size.

Washing: Use a washing bag and hand wash at 20 - max. 30° C. 

Wild & Soft

Materials: 40% wild tussah silk cruelty free, 60% merino wool mulesing free.

Yardage: 50 g = 240 m.

An incredibly elastic and light yarn, keeping its shape perfectly, even after washing – even though it contains 40% silk! Wild & Soft has beautiful lustre and a soft touch from wool as well as silk. A great yarn option when you want a soft yarn giving a light and durable finished project. 

Washing: 25 - max. 30°.


Kid Seta

Materials: 30% shappe silk, 70% super kid mohair.  

Yardage: 25 g = 210 m.

Kid Seta is a classic lace yarn which has been produced for more than 20 years. It’s the best quality so the fibres stay in the yarn and the yarn stays full and does not collapse upon use. The yarn is very soft, does not itch, and is available in more than 50 colors.