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  • 2-colored Fisherman's Rib Sweater Gep.Da-14-06
Danish Swedish

Collection of 4 knitting patterns with patterned stripes.

Sweater in two-coloured patent, (Gep.Da-14-06) in Kid Silk 5 + Sealord or Loden or CottonWool 5.  Two variants: short or long.
Raglan sweater or dress with aran (Gep.Da-14-03) in Sealord - 2 variants: short or long (see images on the left)
Lond coat with pattern borders (Gep.Da-14-13) in Sealord and Kid Silk Five (see variants on the left)
Coat with pockets

Swedish version is open for preorder. We will ship the patterns as soon as we get them back from the translator.
English version not yet available.



Sweater i 2-farvet patent, (Gep.Da-14-06) i Kid Silk Five + Sømandsgarn eller Loden eller CottonWool 5

Collection of 4 knitting patterns with patterned stripes in Sealord and Loden.