Gepard Bubbalo Sweater

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Danish English German

The Bubbalo sweater is featuring a relaxed silhouette with an oversized bubble stitch pattern.

The bubble stitch is a classic feature from Scandinavian sailor sweaters, and a technique that we've used fo several designs along the years.

Bubbalo kan be knitted in Puf in combination with Kid seta or CottonWool 3.

If there is wish for a warmer sweater with brighter colours,  you could use Puno together with Cotton Wool 3.

Language: Danish, German and English

Sizes: S, (M), L, (XL), XXL
Bust: 110, (118), 126, (140), 154 cm
Finished length: 45, (46), 48, (50), 52 cm

Materials: PuF from Gepard.
Color A - PuF, ball of 50 g: S: 6, (M): (6-7), L: 7, (XL): (8), XXL: 9
Color B - Cottonwool 3, ball of50 g OR Kid Seta, ball of 25 g: 2 balls no matter the size
Yarn alternative: Puno og Cottonwool 3.
NB: For this stitch patttern we do not recommend using Kid Seta and Puno together
Color A - Puno, ball of 50 g: S: 6, (M): (6), L: 7, (XL): (7), XXL: 8
Color B - Cottonwool 3, ball of 50 g: 3 ngl no matter the size

Needles:Single point or circular needles (60 cm) 4.5 and 7 mm, in Koshitsu bamboofromSeeknit andGepard.
Gauge:11 sts x 26 rows in bubble pattern with needles 7 mm = 10 x 10 cm.
Always make a gauge swatch before starting the actual work.
Adjust needle size if necessary.
If you make a larger swatch with26 sts and a height of 22 cm, you can measure more precisely across20 cm. With PuF you have to work some more rows, as PuF will shrink lengthwise