Circular needle

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Rosewood Ebony Mix

If you knit a lot, this is THE NEEDLE. The needle is durable and comfortable for your joints and muscles. An ebony or rosewood needle becomes smooth and shiny with use and it will always be soft and gentle to your hands.  The needle is smooth, but the stitches will still stay and have no tendency to drop off. That means that you avoid the small tensions in your hands from holding the stitches back.

With these needles, you can completely avoid these tensions which tend to sneak up on you and slowly grow into a repetitive strain injury (RSI). bananmos

If you have ever had problems with strained muscles, joints or sinews, we suggest you only knit using rosewood or ebony needles or perhaps bamboo. Through more than 20 years of experience, we know that these needles are comfortable for everyone. The fast knitting regular will also notice that with these needles, she will be able to knit for several more hours at a time, as your hands do not tire as quickly. We suggest these needles for everyone who love to knit.

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