TRS Frost beanie

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A beautifully simple beanie that can be knitted in a solid colour or be an occasion to use you mohair leftovers. The beanie can be knitted either with one strand of our soft Pura Lana. or with a light wool such as My Fine Wool or Wild & Soft held together with Kid Seta. The stripes are made with one strand of the light wool and several colours Kid Seta.

No matter your chose combination, you'll get a soft and classic beanie with great fit – great as a quick gift knit or to keep your own ears toasty on a cold winter's day.

Pattern is in Danish.

Størrelse: Dame/Herre
A: Kid Seta 1 ngl og My Fine Wool eller Wild and Soft fra Gepard 1 ngl
B: Som A men med rester af Kid Seta
C: Pura Lana fra Gepard 2 ngl

2.5mm rundpind 40 cm eller strømpepinde til ribkant.
3.5mm rundpind 40 cm eller strømpepinde til huen.
Enten endnu en rundpind 3.5mm til ’Strik på to rundpinde’ se billede, eller sæt af strømpepinde 3.5mm til puld.
Skift pindestørrelse hvis nødvendigt for at opnå den rigtige strikkefasthed.

22 m og ca. 29 p = 10 cm i glatstrikning på p 3.5mm.