Gepard Kid Seta undyed yarn

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Kid Seta is soft and delicious, the mohair puffs up lively and works excellently together with another thread or alone. 

Kid Seta is 30% silk and gives  shine and extra softness; Kid Seta is pure luxury.

1 pack = 10 skeins of 50 g



Needles 3 - 5,5 mm / 11 - 6 UK / 2,5 - 8 US

Kid Seta gauge 22-30 sts on 4 inches - but can be knitted on bigger needles.


Kid Seta 70% Kid Mohair 30% Silk 

25g / 210m Needle size 3 - 5.5mm 

Kid Seta from Gepard is a classic lace yarn, that we have had in production for more than 20 years 

For the customer, this means a yarn where the fibers stay in the yarn, and that the yarn stays full and soft during use

  • 70% Super Kid Mohair, the best quality of mohair fiber with long thin and glossy fibers
  • Classified Super Kid Mohair
  • 30% silk of the highest quality
  • Kid Seta is a super soft yarn, who doesn't itch