Gepard Mohair Boheme undyed yarn

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Wild & Soft is a merinowool with wild tussah silk from Gepard Yarns


60% merinowool, 40% wild tussah silk

Yardage 240 m / 50 g

Needle 2,5 - 3,5 mm / 12,5 - 9,5 UK / 1-4 US

Can be ordered in hanks for hand dying - in cream and gray.

A new yarn from Gepard Garn developed by Sus Gebhard. The result is a very elastic and light yarn, that keep the shape of the yarn - also after washing - even though it's 40% silk. 

5-8 skeins for a sweater size 10-12 on needle 3mm, 1-2 for at babysweater on needle 3mm. 

Wholesale package: 10 skeins of 50 g