Gepard Woolia

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102 hvede
  • Farve - Gepard - Woolia: 102 hvede
  • Model: 101/wa/102
105  Coffee Latte
  • Farve - Gepard - Woolia: 105 Coffee Latte
  • Model: 101/wa/105
113  Cappuccino
  • Farve - Gepard - Woolia: 113 Cappuccino
  • Model: 101/wa/113
190   coffee
  • Farve - Gepard - Woolia: 190 coffee
  • Model: 101/wa/190
228   Sharon orange
  • Farve - Gepard - Woolia: 228 Sharon orange
  • Model: 101/wa/228
430   Fresh pink
  • Farve - Gepard - Woolia: 430 Fresh pink
  • Model: 101/wa/430
760   Navy
  • Farve - Gepard - Woolia: 760 Navy
  • Model: 101/wa/760
814  vergin lemmeon
  • Farve - Gepard - Woolia: 814 vergin lemmeon
  • Model: 101/wa/814
828  That green
  • Farve - Gepard - Woolia: 828 That green
  • Model: 101/wa/828
590   Charcoal
  • Farve - Gepard - Woolia: 590 Charcoal
  • Model: 101/wa/590
599  Noir
  • Farve - Gepard - Woolia: 599 Noir
  • Model: 101/wa/599
Private customers: Buy Download Patterns here. Should you be interested in some other products, find a shop near you here. Are you a shop?: B2B Login here

Woolia - New sustainable merino yarn for needle size 4-6mm

This yarn is made of a very special wool, wool from an old original Italian sheep breed, Merino Gentile Puglia.

Sheep & lambs mainly graze between fruit and olive trees on organic plantations and on extensive areas.
Woolia is spun from the wool from lambs and sheep of the original Italian merino breed.
This breed lived and now lives in a smaller local area around Puglia, in Italy. Puglia is the sheep's original habitat and therefore the sheep stay naturally healthy much easier. That form of sheep farming and their grazing is the most sustainable form of  wool production. It is environmentally friendly and provides the best living conditions for the sheep and the sheep breeders.
The farmers do sort the wool by themselves and sell the wool directly to our spinning mill. In this way, the farmer gets a better price for the wool and we know the product down to the individual small flocks of sheep.

Woolia is suitably soft and completely free of peeling. You also have arounf 30% more meters than in other yarn with same thickness. 
This means that a sweater become light weight, even with have cabels or Fair Isle knitting.
The first time you feel the wool, you will probably find it a little dry, that is a characteristic of this merino. It is also the distinctive feature that gives the yarn a great lightness and the characteristic that makes Woolia-knits keep its shape regardless of needle size. Another feature is that Woolia does not actually scratch but maintains a very beautiful surface.

Knitting strength: Woolia can be knitted on several needle thicknesses, this is one of the characteritics about Woolia. Most current knitting tension is 16-18 stitches.

Needle size 6mm: 15m = 10cm, Suitable for shawls, a plaid and other slightly loose knits.

Needle size 5½mm: 16m = 10cm  Suitable for cables, Fair isle, gives a slightly loos knit.

p nr 5mm: 17m = 10cm Suitable for all types of sweaters.

needle size 4.5mm: 18m = 10cm Suitable for long coats, men's knitwear that wears out a lot, etc.

needle size 4mm: 19m = 10cm, mostly for durable men's knitwear, cushions and other solid knitwear

You can also knit  Woolia + Kid Seta, on needles 5-6mm

50g = 132 meters
1 pack = 1kg/ 20 balls

Woolia kan strikkes på p 4-6mm med en spændvide i strikkefasthed på 15-20masker pr 10cm alt efter pinde størrelse.

Vælg den strikkefasthed som matcher dit design og behov.