Opal Sock yarn Regenwald 15 Rummel im Dschungel - 4-ply

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With this collection, YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS support the preservation of the rain forest. Tutto has donated more than 210.000 EUR.
The Tutto group donates 1 euro per kilo yarn sold.


It is only produced one time, after that the collection is no longer for sale.

8 colours.


Delivery to shops July 2019.

1 collection = 10 skeins of each colour - Discount if you order one collection.

½ collection = 5 skeins of each colour. 


75% wool, 25% polyamide

100 g = 425 m (1 skein = 1 pair of socks up to size 44-45 EU). Needles 2.5 - 3 mm

Materials: 75% wool - 25% polyamide
Yardage: 100 g, 4 ply = 425 m,  1 wholesale package = 10 skeins = 1 kg
Needle size: 2½-3 mm

On each bandarole there is an image of the animal that inspired the colour choices for the yarn. With each collection comes a large poster, so you can show your customers the animals and tell about the TUTTO group. Each new yarn from TUTTO brings a fun, new experience when knitting with OPAL.

Vejl. p.: 3½-4 mm

Materiale: 75% uld - 25% polyamid
Løbelængde: 150 g. 6-trd = 425 m,  1 pakning = 10 ngl/1kg