Opal Sock yarn Regenwald X - 4-ply

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Anniversary collection! This year is the 10th year where Tutto creates a beautiful yarn collection inspired by the animals of the rain forest.

With this collection, YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS support the preservation of the rain forest. Tutto has donated more than 132.000 EUR.
The Tutto group donates 1 euro per kilo yarn sold.

Materials: 75% wool - 25% polyamide
Yardage: 100 g, 4 ply = 425 m,  1 wholesale package = 10 skeins = 1 kg
Needle size: 2½-3 mm

Delivered to shops from mid July 2014 or later, if preferred.

DISCOUNT: order at least 1 collection or 10 kilos of mixed Opal yarn and achieve a great discount. Ask us, and we will help you achieve the greatest discount. 

It is important that you pre-order this collection if you want to be sure that we have yarn enough for you - and also achieve the discount. Order BEFORE May 1st 2014.

On each bandarole there is an image of the animal that inspired the colour choices for the yarn. With each collection comes a large poster, so you can show your customers the animals and tell about the TUTTO group. Each new yarn from TUTTO brings a fun, new experience when knitting with OPAL.

Vejl. p.: 3½-4 mm

Materiale: 75% uld - 25% polyamid
Løbelængde: 150 g. 6-trd = 425 m,  1 pakning = 10 ngl/1kg